Wolfie the Wonder Horse!

Wolfie the Wonder Horse!
Wolfie, 24/02/08

Monday, 31 May 2010

The saddler called today, he's still working on the saddle, so it looks like it will be the very end of the week before he brings it up for fitting. There's a Le Trec competition on near Lochgilphead this weekend. It's a championship qualifier so the horses entering are vetted on Friday night, do the 12km orienteering on Saturday, are vetted again on Sunday morning and then do the obstacles on Sunday. One of the girls from the yard is taking her horse, just to enter the level 1. Another couple of girls are hiring horses for the weekend from a local trecking centre which leases trail horses to take part. I thought about going up and leasing a horse as I've sold my Wintec saddle (I think it's gone to a good home and the lady who bought it seems really pleased with it) so I could afford it. It would be great fun and would let me experience what is involved. But, there's really only one horse who I would want to be riding and that's Wolfie. I know I'm biased, but he really is a lovely horse to ride. A big part of it for me would be the challenge and excitement of doing it together with Wolfie. He's an exciting, fun horse to ride and to spend two days doing the Le Trec would be brilliant. Regardless of the way this year has turned out, Wolfie wouldn't be ready anyway to do the two days this year. He would be coralled over night and I would camp. It's a lot to ask of any horse not used to it never mind a youngster. Hopefully if we can get a few one day competitions or training days under our belt, then we could have a go at a two day competition. Maybe next year. I hope they get good weather.

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Helen C said...

I must be mad!! But if you really want to do trec, we could do it as a pair so that Wolfie would have his good friend Jake with him to show him the ropes. It would be a competition, but also training and experience for Wolfie. I believe the only way to learn something is to get on in there and do it and Jake is a very steady, sensible horse who has already helped Wolfie in the past.
Its an idea if the thing is held locally. I didn't realise you were so keen to try it.