Wolfie the Wonder Horse!

Wolfie the Wonder Horse!
Wolfie, 24/02/08

Friday, 31 August 2012

Horse and Pony Pampering

I  mentioned at the tail end of my previous post that Wolfie, Honey and Buttons were trying out a couple of new products. I can't say too much about them as we're still in the early stages of trialling them. So far so good though - they are all loving the natural scent and I am delighted at how easy the Hoof Therapy Balm is to apply. It just melts right in, absorbing straight away. What's really special about these new products is that I know exactly what's in them - absolutely no chemical nasties for a start! They've been made specifically for me, nice and fresh, by a local skincare specialist.

All this pampering, they'll be getting ideas!

Looking forward to sharing more details soon.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Think thin!

Wolfie was weighed on Wednesday.  He's 532Kg.  Ideally he wants to be around 500Kg, but he's getting there.  I actually thought he was a bit heavier than that and my weigh tape is no where near accurate.  He has lost weight all over and parts of him condition scored at a 3 and other parts were a 3.5 and a couple of 4's.  He has to lose some (or all!) of his fatty crest, but that will be last to go.  I'm pleased with how he is doing though as his weight loss at the moment has mainly due to really restricting his grazing and putting him in with the ponies.  He hasn't been in consistent work due to one thing or another.  Yesterday I got to the stables to find that he had taken a large chunk of hair and skin off his near hind, up on the gaskin.  No idea how he has done it as it doesn't look like it could be a kick or a bite.  It's not deep, but it looks sore and the surrounding tissue is obviously inflammed and bruised.  Not helping with all this mud everywhere.  He's settled in well now with the ponies and G.  Honey always greets him with a nice whinny.  He tends to look a little bemused at his little orange friends but they are getting on.  Hopefully if this leg doesn't look too bad, I will get some riding done at the weekend.  

We are product testing a new itch cream and a Hoof Therapy Balm at the moment.  I'm very excited about them.