Wolfie the Wonder Horse!

Wolfie the Wonder Horse!
Wolfie, 24/02/08

Monday, 28 April 2008

Happy Birthday, Wolfie!!

Wolfie is 3 years old today. This time last year it didn't look as though he would see his 3rd birthday, so it is quite a big deal. He'll be celebrating tonight with a blueberry muffin (his favourite) and some carrots.

The horse which is stabled next to Wolfie, called Jake, has been being turned out on his own for over a year recovering from a tendon injury. He was put back in with the herd during the week. I was a bit apprehensive as Jake is highland x Clydesdale and the size of an elephant. His feet are the size of soup plates! Jake has met the rest of the boys but has never been turned out with Wolfie before.
Wolfie, being the youngest, is generally bottom of the pecking order, and he also doesn't have shoes on which makes it harder for him to defend himself. He's not an aggressive horse and I've never seen him kick out at any of the other horses. He does tend to manage to get himself out of trouble and he's very quick and agile, but still it's always worrying.
Anyway, I spent a day worrying about him but needn't have bothered. The bold Wolfie spent his day circling Jake, pulling his beard, pulling his rug, and if that didn't get a reaction, then he pulled the feathers on Jake’s legs. Wolfie just wanted to play but poor Jake just wanted a bit of peace and quiet to eat! Standing next to big Jake, Wolfie looks like a Shetland!

Life for Wolfie is good just now, eating and playing. Hopefully, if the weather stays mild and dry, within the next few weeks the horses will be turned out for the summer. No more mucking out - hooray!