Wolfie the Wonder Horse!

Wolfie the Wonder Horse!
Wolfie, 24/02/08

Saturday, 19 November 2011

I've been very lax in posting for the last few months, ever since Wolfie's virus really. Things have just been ticking over really, concentrating on getting Wolfie stronger and back on his feet. With it being dark at half past 4 at night now, it's a case of trying to ride in the school during the week, weather permitting. Wolfie's flat work is really coming on though. We work in walk and trot and practice lateral movements. I'm not introducing canter again in the school just now as it's very badly lit with flood lights and Wolfie still thinks there are horse eating goblins lurking in the corners and over the fence. He's becoming much more rhythmical and our work and transitions are much more consistent.

I wormed them both a couple of weeks ago, it's the syringe and paste type. This is what Wolfie thought to it.

Buttons is doing great. His weight is fantastic. He is fenced off on restricted grazing with his favourite mare and they both are watching their waist lines. The mare can be a bit of a nippy sweety with other horses, but for some reason she adores Buttons. His laminitic rings have grown down and now as they are growing out they have caused some separation of the white line. It is a concern that he may develop an abcess if any dirt or grit tracks up, but so far (touch wood) he's been fine. The farrier is checking his feet every 3 weeks, so fingers crossed we can get his feet back in decent shape.

With the weather being so mils, Buttons is really feeling the heat with his full winter coat. I keep waiting for the temperature to drop, but so far it hasn't.

I've decided to make Christmas cards this year using photographs of the horses and also the dogs. I thought I would practice with the dogs today, until I can decide on how to make a good Christmas background setting. They are very good and so good natured, they really do humour me. Bilbo, the cat decided to get in the photographs (mostly facing the wrong direction!) so I ended up giving him something to wear too. When taking the real pictures, getting them all to look the same way, may prove to be very difficult if today is anything to go by!