Wolfie the Wonder Horse!

Wolfie the Wonder Horse!
Wolfie, 24/02/08

Saturday, 28 June 2008

New Shoes!!

A lot has happened since I last posted (I am not too good at keeping this blog updated, I know!).

Firstly, Wolfie got his first set of front shoes on. I was trying to keep him bare foot as long as possible, but it just wasn't fair as the terrain we keep them on doesn't keep their feet hard enough to go unshod and he was beginning to feel his feet. He was cold shod, but once again did not fail to amaze me. He stood like an angel for the farrier and walking out for the first time he could not understand who was clip clopping and was spooking himself. Next time, he will get back shoes on too. I don't think he will be so good being shod on the back as he is a bit funny with picking his back feet up. However, like everything else with him, I'm sure he will take it all in his stride.

Wolfie went to his first show, which meant he had his first bath. He is not overly keen on the hose and having his legs hosed, but after a bit of a tantrum, he stood and endured the shampooing. By the end of it he was unrecognisable! The little horse scrubs up well. It must have worked as he came first in an In-hand youngstock coloured class. I was really only taking him to try and expand his world a little more and to experience things he has never seen before. I was slightly apprehensive as Wolfie is a big boy now and can drag me off my feet when the mood takes him. Once again I needn't have worried. Wolfie excelled himself. I am not being big headed when I say that I have never seen a 3 year old horse behave so impeccably. He was faced with cattle, lorries, horses, tannoys, music, balloons, dogs, kids with big inflatable hammers, bouncy castles and he acted as though he had been going to shows all of his life. He was amazing. He loved all the attention he got from everyone, being a real people horse and he had his own fan club there cheering him on. I wish he was so well behaved at home!

I will post some more photographs soon.