Wolfie the Wonder Horse!

Wolfie the Wonder Horse!
Wolfie, 24/02/08

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Lone Ranger

I woke up today tired, with another headache. I went to look at gravestones for my mum which was not a nice way to start the day. I didn't do any work with Wolfie today, just gave him a scratch and his tea and turned him out. Zoe came up to ride Buttons. I gave her the reins which were attached to his headcollar. I bought him a little snaffle bit, but he doesn't seem to like the nutcracker action. I think he has some remembered pain from when his teeth were sharp. I managed to pick him up a little mullen mouth so I'm going to try putting that in and building up the length of time he has it in. If that goes ok, I will long rein him in it. For the first time, Zoe managed to steer Buttons and ride him around the school in walk on her own. He was a little cheeky at first and tried it on, but she's a little bigger and stronger now. Once she managed to get the desired action from him (walking forward) it gave her much more confidence in her ability to ask him to do things. Buttons has a mind of his own, he's not bad, but he has a strong character, I like the way pony minds work. He's also very used to being led everywhere and having someone walking beside him and naturally thinks he should be where people are. Long reining should help encourage him to go forward on his own. Zoe thinks that he has a bit in his mouth. She's been sent home with her homework to practise lengthening and shortening her reins. The countdown begins until Wolfie's saddle arrives.

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Helen C said...

I like a pony's way of thinking too. Buttons is always happy.

Zoe did very well with Buttons.

I hope your headaches get better.