Wolfie the Wonder Horse!

Wolfie the Wonder Horse!
Wolfie, 24/02/08

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Umbrella and rain.....not a good combination

I rode Wolfie bare back again on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday we did a little work again mainly in walk and on Tuesday we just ambled around and then hacked along the tracks and picked some hawthorn. Wolfie loves hawthorn. It hasn't even flowered yet, but he adores it. I was going to ride him tonight, but when I got to the yard he was full of beans. I took him into the school to do a little work first with the umbrella. He was good, still very cautious of it but will stand near it and touch it whilst it is on the ground. However, it then started to rain. To Wolfie, the umbrella is 'safe' whilst it's on the ground not moving, but the umbrella on the ground, not moving with rain hitting it is most definitely not safe. The sound of the rain hitting the umbrella turned it into into a completely different object to Wolfie, most certainly a horse eating object, and he wasn't entertaining it at all . The rain went off and he was able to go back over and inspect the umbrella and give it a good sniff and even tugged at it a little. I decided to end it on a good note and turned him out to enjoy a little rain on his back. He went out and rolled in a big muddy patch, got up and exploded. Bucking, galloping, spinning, rearing. He did perform some nice canter pirouettes. The other horses just disappeared off to the very far corners of the field out of his way. Good call not getting on him tonight and so long nice, clean bathed horse, it was nice having you for a few days.

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Helen C said...

Jake is obsessed with Hawthorne too.