Wolfie the Wonder Horse!

Wolfie the Wonder Horse!
Wolfie, 24/02/08

Sunday, 23 September 2012

If it wisnae fur yer wellies where wid ye be.........

.....you'd be in the hospital or infirmary
cause you'd have a dose ae the flu or even plurisee
if ye didnae have your feet in your wellys.

wellys they are wonderful 
wellys they are swell cause they keep out the water 
and they keep in the smell.
and when yur sittin' in a room 
you can always tell when some bugger takes aff his wellys.

Billy Connelly 'The welly Boot Song'

I am having trouble finding wellies that don't leak.  I have worn the Hunter Original for over 15 years and I adore them.  Only within the last maybe 3 years every pair of Hunters that I have bought have leaked within a couple of months.  I used to wear Hunters when I worked on yards, they endured a lot and were really hard wearing.  Since they moved production from Dunfermline abroad, the quality really has suffered.  

3 pairs of Hunters with very little wear to the actual welly and sole, they just leak.  Every day I get to decide which foot I want to get soaked that day.  I used to be quite smug about the fact that my Hunters were work boots and I didn't wear them to the supermarket like many of the Hunter wearers today.  I think I have to now agree that the Hunter Original is no more than a fashion boot.  I do love them and find them so comfortable, I however, can't justify paying £70.00 for a welly to wear to the shops.  I have to make the sad decision to toss all of my Hunters in the bin, otherwise I am going to end up with trench foot.  I had a pair of Dublin Deluxe wellies which started leaking within a couple of days.  They were returned to Dublin.  I decided I was going to buy cheap wellies and just toss them when they burst.  I bought a pair of £9.00 wellies (which make me feel a bit like Captain Birdseye when I wear them).  I have worn them twice.....I think they are leaking.        


clairesgarden said...

I got a pair of Ariat wellies a couple of months ago they seem really very good and are comfy. but I had to cut the big clumpy buckles off(after about two days lol) they caught on everything and anything every two minutes.

Cat said...

I have been thinking about Ariats. Are they the ones you can ride in? I was also thinking about muck boots. My heart is really with Hunters...I'm so gutted about them, I really loved them.

clairesgarden said...

these ones, buckles cut off and a bit of baler twine sewn through to hold the pleat closed... fine for riding even ordinary stirrups

for the winter I'm wanting another pair of these as i wore the last ones through.. took a couple of years, great for mud and snow, very warm, and for riding i would advise toe stoppers or safety stirups.

labtecmike said...

I love boots, Any kind is fine with me. :)

Yvonne Kleinert said...

All my wellies start to leaky after a few months. But I don't care about all the little rips.
I still wear them during summer season and have fun with the noise from inside when I get water in.
Don't you like squelching wellies?