Wolfie the Wonder Horse!

Wolfie the Wonder Horse!
Wolfie, 24/02/08

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Walking on frozen water

Ice is not nice.  The horses have been stuck in their stables as the yard is like an ice rink and too slippy for them to cross.  Wolfie could get to his field from where his stable is situated but none of the other boys can get there.  The girls were turned out in the school today with Buttons for a little while.  I thought I could put Wolfie in his field, even though none of the others were out, he could see the girls.  I turned him out and he went bananas.  Galloping flat out, bucking, spinning, striking out leaping through the air and performing movements the stallions of the Spanish Riding School would have been impressed with.  I thought at one point he was going to jump the fence.   He set the girls off and they were haring around the school.  Buttons was rolling about in the snow and didn't seem to notice the chaos which had errupted around him.  I caught Wolfie and eventually managed to get him back in his stable, him prancing and snorting the whole way .  I waited until the girls were brought in and turned him out in the school.  I don't really like him being in the school as if he starts carrying on, he gets up too much speed for such a small space and doesn't allow enough time to stop before the fence.  He also kicks out and manages to break the fence.  My heart is in my mouth every time he's in there.  He was quite settled in the school, he must have tired himself out with all that galloping around (on the rock hard ground no less).  His speed amazes me.  He isn't really text book built for speed but he can certainly shift.  I remember when I first got him, after he came back from the vet school, he got turned out and was galloping around the field.  The farmer who owned the place Wolfie was kept at was standing watching him and turned to me laughing and said 'did you know you'd bought a racehorse!'.  I hope they get normal turn out again soon or at least some turn out.  Wolfie cooped up in a stable does not make life easy for me.

Having a roll

Pink hills

My Dad kindly drove to me to collect some hay today.  It seems quite good quality, Buttons and Wolfie both seem to have given it the thumbs up, so I'm pleased and it was cheaper than the hay I had been getting.

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