Wolfie the Wonder Horse!

Wolfie the Wonder Horse!
Wolfie, 24/02/08

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Wolfie -eating

It actually stopped raining today.  The weather has been unbelievable all week, but the sun came out today and I managed to get Wolfie out for a little hack.  I had planned to go along the road and down onto the line, but once I got on, Wolfie felt a little too sharp, so I decided to stay around the fields.  He was okay, he felt very happy to be out, but was very spooky and on his toes.  I eventually let him gallop up one of the fields to see if that would take the edge of him.  Hmmm he put in two massive bucks and squealed, raced to the top and then shied violently at some plastic containers piled up at the sheep pens.  He's pretty ambidextrous, he doesn't have a favoured side for leaping 4 foot in the air sideways.  He's perfected it in both directions.


I love Wolfie's ears

Cozy in his stable
He's like a giant teddy bear
On Friday, Buttons and the mares got moved into their winter field.  When I went to catch Buttons in, he was at the furthest away corner of the field.  There is a stream that divides the field, it had completely burst its banks, was really deep and flowing really fast after all the rain.  I thought Buttons must have crossed it before it had got so deep and I began to panic thinking he had got himself marooned.  I led him over to the stream, thinking we were going to have to carry him across or build him a bridge.  He paced the edge of it for a while and then all of a sudden took a massive leap and cleared it.  For such little legs, he can really jump.  He then carried on marching down the field with me trailing behind him as though he did that every day.  He's so funny.  He's so matter of fact, he calls a spade a spade,  The only time he gets ruffled is when his dinner is late.

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Suzie said...

Haha - love it. Tiny ponies have such massive personalities - makes me wish I was tiny enough to ride them!